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Republic of TAJIKESTAN


PIB (EX Bank Tejarat, London)
6 Lothbury
London EC2R 7HH
Tel.: +44 20 7606 85 21
Fax: +44 20 7606 2020
Tlx.: 885426
Management: Mr. M. Mesgaria

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    Central Bank:

    Bank Markazi Jomhouri Islami Iran (The Central Bank of Iran)
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    Established :1960
    Bank of note Issue (More ...)

    Tejarat Bank was established as per the legal bill of the Department of Banksí Affairs approved in September 1979 upon amalgamation of eleven private banks. Later, on 20/12/1979, the Iran-Russia Bank also joined the
    merger, totaling the paid up capital to 39.1 billion Rials.

    Twenty six years on, as per economic requirements of different regions of the country, Tejarat Bank is now maintaining 2010 branches throughout the country.

    Taking advantage of experienced manpower is an important factor that has further promoted Tejarat Bankís place on the international standings.

    Fajr Petrochemical Co.
    A 73 billion-Rial partnership project currently underway in the countryís special economic zones like
    Razi and Bandar Imam.

    Khorasan Petrochemical Co.
    A large-scaled project meeting considerable portion of domestic and regional industriesí demand for
    petrochemical products, particularly that of the Middle East and Central Asia .

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