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Investment and participation of banks in national great projects and plans is one of the policies of government after Revolution that plays a prime role in providing grounds for activity of private sector on the one hand and directly and indirectly creates many job opportunities on the other hand. Therefore, Bank Tejarat have participated in financing national great projects in the form of Rial facilities in 2004 like past years.

Some titles of main investment projects are as follows:

Fajr Petrochemical Co.

Partnership of bank in this company with following products is effected in special economic zones like Razi and Bank Imam with a capital of 73 billion Rial.
- 585 MW electricity
- Steam, 860 tons per hour water
- Reverse Osmoses, 4680 cubic meters per hour
- DH, 980 cubic meters per hour
- Service water, 400 cubic meters per hour
- Drinking water, 250 cubic meters per hour
- Service air, 16500 normal cubic meters per hour
- Precision tools air, 15000 normal cubic meters per hour
- Nitrogen, 18000 normal cubic meters per hour
- Oxygen, 19000 normal cubic meters per hour

Khorasan Petrochemical Co.

Not only this project meets considerable portion of needs of domestic industries to petrochemical products, but also it meets many a great number of needs of countries of region (especially middle Asia). Employment and creation of new job opportunities, creation of suitable grounds to commission and develop related industries, cut dependence of domestic industries on importation of petrochemical products and development of downstream and upstream industries are among the national benefits of this project. Participation of Bank Tejarat in the project of production of 330 thousand tons of Ammonium, 495 thousand tons of Urea per annum through facilities granted is 567 billion Rials.

Trans-City Railway of Tehran and Suburb

Not only this project reduces air pollution of Tehran, but also it will reduce traffic problems of this city, which is of prime importance considering wide range of problems of Tehran. Bank Tejarat have participated in this project by granting facilities up to 1007 billion Rials.

Karoon 3 Dam

Aridity is one of the main problems of the country that requires intensive control of surface water. Karoon 3 Dam and Power Plant is the biggest hydro power plant and water supply center of the country with a capacity of 2000 MW that could be promoted to 3000 MW which itself is the total capacity of hydro-general power capacity before Islamic Revolution. This dam with a height of 205 meters is the highest dam of country and may save about 3 billion cubic meters.
Karoon 3 Dam is one of the water supply projects that was commissioned with facilities granted by Bank Tejarat up to 835 billion Rials.

Qazvin-Rasht Expressway

Qazvin-Rasht Expressway is one of the state big development projects that is being constructed with participation of Bank Tejarat and Roads and Road Transport Organization.

Primary estimate of expenses is 431.31 billion Rials (consisting of 3.06 billion Rials as capital, 428.5 billion Rials as facilities granted). Physical progress of work will be 39% up to January 2005.

Copper Industries of Iran

Sarcheshmeh Copper Development Project and Shahr Babak Mineral-Industrial Complext Project were commissioned and put to operation with 894.065 billion Rialsand 1046.952 billion Rials respectively.

Sarnegoon Copper Project is under completion with 850.956 billion Rials and will be commissioned up to end of Iranian year 1384 which Bank Tejarat totally financed up to 2791.973 billion Rials.

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