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        • Publish date: Tuesday 26th December 2017|
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          Reza Dowlatabadi Named New TEJARAT BANK CEO
          In a directive issued by the Board of Directors, Reza Dowlatabadi was appointed as the Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK, the Public Relations Dept. of the bank reported.

           In a session held on Sunday Dec. 24, members of the Board of Directors, as representatives of shareholders of the bank, appointed Reza Dowlatabadi as the new chief executive of TEJARAT BANK.

          It should be noted that Reza Dowlatabadi has previously held responsibilities as member of the Board of Directors, deputy chief executive and credit affairs manager of the bank.

          In this meeting, Mohammad-EbrahimMoqaddam former chief executive of TEJARAT BANK submitted a comprehensive report on his performance in the past four years and wished ever more success for the new chief executive of the bank.

          Also, members of the Board of Directors of TEJARAT BANK appreciated the unflinching and unsparing efforts of former chief executive of the bank during his tenure deservedly.

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