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          Outstanding Role of TEJARAT BANK in Advancing Policies of Resistance Economy
          Concurrent with the auspicious occasion of the Government Week and at the threshold of the Islamic Banking Week, MoqaddamChief Executive of TEJARAT BANKpresented a comprehensive report on the performance and activities of the bank in advancing policies of the resistance economy along with following up the government’s economic programs, Public Relations Department of the bank reported.

           In the beginning, CEO of TEJARAT BANKMoqaddamcommemorated the Government Week and pointed to the special status of banks in flourishing the country’s economy and said: “With the elapse of one year as of setting up Resistance Economics Committee in the bank, the Committee’s plans have been followed up seriously with the strategic slogan of “Hope and Prudence” for the “production” and “employment” in three sectors of acculturation, rehabilitation of the bank and playing an active role in rehabilitating and strengthening the country’s economy.”

          Considering the sublime recommendations and special emphasis of supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on the key role of banks in advancing policies of resistance economy, TEJARAT BANK has also focused its activities on the policies and plans notified by the Commanding Headquarters of the Resistance Economy of the country. 

          In this regard, Resistance Economy Committee of the bank is following up and implementing its plans on the goals and policies notified by the Commanding Headquarters of the Resistance Economy during its regular weekly meetings. 

          Elsewhere in his remarks, senior executive official of the bank expounded on the measures taken at the bank in the field of materializing objectives of resistance economy, focusing on supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and said: “Considering the significance and role of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in generating employment and increasing production, TEJARAT BANK has put the support of these enterprises a top priority of its programs.”

          Given the above issue, TEJARAT BANK paid over 17,313 billion rials worth of facilities and loans to a number of 2,025 small- and medium –sized enterprises (SMEs) in the first three months of the current Iranian calendar year in 1395 (from March 21 to June 22, 2016), he said, adding: “With the coordination made in this regard, the bank will also take more giant strides in supporting these economic enterprises in the country financially.” 

          In line with improving and boosting public welfare and in order to renovate worn-out taxis’ fleet in the country, a number of 16,249 worn-out taxi cars were renovatedacross the country with the facilities and loans paid by TEJARAT BANK, he maintained.

          He put the total facilities and loans paid by the bank in the aforementioned sector at over 3,250 billion rials. 

          Moqaddam referred to the necessity of supporting youth and young individuals coupled with facilitating marriage conditions for these walks of life in the country and added: “At the unflinching and unsparing support of the bank, totally 216,922 young couples were empowered by the bank since the last Iranian calendar year in 1395 (from March 20, 2016 to March 20, 2017) up to the end of current Iranian month of Mordad (August 22).”

          In the same direction, TEJARAT BANK has also paid 6,779 counts of facilities within the framework of “GharzolHassaneh (interest-free loan)”, amounting to 791 billion rials, in line with generating employment to the families covered by the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee (IKRC) and State Welfare Organization (SWO), the chief executive of the bank observed. 

          The senior official of the bank also pointed to the programs of the bank to support domestic productions in line with materializing objectives of “resistance economy” and said: “In this regard, the Bank has provided the necessary conditions for stimulating demand and encouraging dear fellow countrymen to use domestically- produced goods.”

          With due observance to the said issue, TEJARAT BANK has granted 16,045 billion rials worth of facilities to a number of 125,501 applicants for purchasing Iranian goods in line with supporting domestic production, he said, adding: “However, the bank has taken giant strides in the field of encouraging applicants to purchase domestically-produced goods.” 

          He also expounded on the activities and measures taken by the bank in the field of international banking and said: “As a leading bank in the country, TEJARAT BANK undertakes the major part of activities of the international banking in banking network of the country.”

          In order to import raw materials for the activation of domestic industrial and production units and for expanding exchanges with the foreign brokers, TEJARAT BANK issued 3,320 Letters of Credit (L/Cs) and also 350 guarantee letters during the mentioned period, he maintained. 

          In the end, Moqaddam Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK said: “The Bank’s employees at branches throughout the country and credit institutions of the bank have made their utmost efforts to facilitate the process of granting facilities to the respected Iranian entrepreneurs.” 


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