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          TEJARAT BANK, Largest and Most Transparent Bank of Country
          Chairman of Board of Directors of TEJARAT BANK Expounds on Programs to Promote Financial Transparency Standards
          Chairman of the Board of Directors of TEJARAT BANK Heybatollah Sami’ elaborated on the bank’s programs and plans for promoting and enhancing International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Public Relations Dept. of the bank reported. 
          Speaking at the venue of the bank, he said: “According to the information released by the Iranian Parliament Research Center, TEJARAT BANK ranked first in line with transparency standards dubbed “International Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS” among the country’s major banks.”
          Given the above issue, the bank stands at 3rd place in banking network of the country, he maintained. 
          In line with implementing Free Information Release Act, TEJARAT BANK is of the first economic enterprises in the country that publishes all information, which should be provided to its stakeholders in accordance with the transparency standards, through the official website of the Bank, the chairman of the Board stated. 
          The information about the bank’s financial statements, the Board’s report to the General Assembly meeting, the information extracted from the bank’s financial statements, information related to the risk management, information on the corporate’s governance and also internal controls are provided through the internet website of the bank to its dear users. 
          In other words, the bank’s users can get easy access to the bank’s information system through its advanced website. 
          Elsewhere in his remarks, the chairman of the Board of Directors pointed to the salient achievements of the bank in recent years to increase compliance with the international standards of financial industry and international banking and said: “Of the most important programs of the Bank kicked off since last year, it should be referred to the formation of Working Group to promote International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), setting up a special unit for updating and complying with the bank’s operational and executive standards with the latest standards of international banking (Compliance) and full implementation of Anti-Money Laundering laws in accordance with the guidelines of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) across branches and currency units of the bank.”
          He went on to say that TEJARAT BANKhas taken giant strides in recent years in line with implementing corporate governance’s standards. Considering the distinction between the Board of Directors and Chief Executive of the bank, any guidance and supervision of the bank through the use of Control units such as Internal Audit Departments as well as adaptation and management of risk are borne by the Board of Directors. Consequently, this issue will play an important role in promoting control standards and transparency of operations in TEJARAT BANK.
          In the end, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TEJARAT BANK Heybatollah Sami’reiterated: “TEJARAT BANK’s governance committees are responsible for monitoring financial health, transparency and management of various risks, so that members of the Board of Directors of the bank have promoted the corporate governance system in the bank with their active presence in these committees.” 
          It is worth mentioning that the bank’s governance committees have been reviewed in accordance with the latest corporate governance guidelines notified by the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) and a comprehensive plan is underway to implement the abovementioned guideline. 
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