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          Flexible and Program-Based Activities of TEJARAT BANK
          CEO of TEJARAT BANK Expounds on Salient Programs of Bank to Develop Services in Financial and Monetary Markets


          Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK Mohammad Ebrahim Moqaddam elaborated on the programs devised in his bank for developing and boosting services of the bank in monetary and financial markets, Public Relations Dept. of the bank reported.

          Speaking in an interview with our correspondent, he pointed out that program-based activities coupled with dynamism and flexibility with regard to the changes and challenges has been institutionalized at TEJARAT BANK.

          Completion of financial services portfolio of the bank with the aim of meeting demands of economic enterprises in line with creating value and increasing customers’ satisfaction is one of the main programs of TEJARAT BANK, he maintained.

          Accordingly, financial supermarket of the bank has become more complete since two years ago, he said, adding: “Now, it can be said that various constituent sectors of the bank can provide a wide range of corporate banking services to VIP customers of the bank.”

          “We give assurance to dear depositors and shareholders of the bank that TEJARAT BANK will continue to maintain the process of strengthening and developing its financial supermarket with the aim of creating value for customers and bringing about profits expected by its stakeholders,” CEO highlighted.

          Turning to the statistics on the facilities and loans offered by the bank in various economic sectors, he said: “By the end of first six months of the current Iranian calendar year in 1396 (from March 21 to Sept. 22), the remaining facilities of the bank in industrial and mineral sector hit 166,721 billion rials.”

          In the same period, facilities of the bank remained in housing and building sector and agricultural sector stood at 136,931 and 87,128 billion rials respectively, he said, adding: “Moreover, the bank facilities remained in export and commercial-services sector in the same period stood at 7,694 and 80,118 billion rials respectively.”

          Meanwhile, more than 12,206 billion rials worth of Gharzol Hassane (Interest-Free) loans and facilities within the framework of 116,774 counts of marriage loan has been paid by the bank since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year in 1396 (from March 21 to Sept. 22), he emphasized.

          In the same direction, the bank branches in the nationwide also have paid self-employment loans and facilities, worth 162 billion rials, since the beginning of the current year (from March 21 to Sept. 22), CEO of TEJARAT BANK opined.

          To accompany with the government’s programs, TEJARAT BANK has taken giant strides in line with materializing objectives of “resistance economy”, the issue of which has been taken into serious consideration at the bank, Mohammad Ebrahim Moqaddamadded.

          Like previous years, TEJARAT BANK has rolled up its sleeves in the current Iranian calendar year in 1396 (started March 21, 2017) to support economic enterprises of the country and spur production activity in the country significantly, the issue of which has been put atop agenda of the bank.

          Since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year in 1396 (started from March 21, 2017), TEJARAT BANK has paid 2,835 billion rials worth of facilities and loans to 243 Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), CEO of the bank said, adding: “We, at the bank, try to increase the profitability of the bank and be a complete example of a successful economic enterprise in line with implementation of resistance economy using promotion of level of services and saving costs.”

          Chief Executive of the bank pointed to the program of bank for increasing diversity of portfolio of services with a focus of electronic banking (e-banking) and said: “In the current Iranian calendar year in 1396 (started March 21, 2017), we were witnessing the finalization and implementation of virtual banking system on the internet website of TEJARAT BANK which provides users with a wide range of non-attendance banking services in a centralized manner.”

          Also, TEJARAT BANK embarked on launching a network for the installment sales and purchase of goods and services within the framework of “Easy Purchase Plan” in order to increase purchasing power of dear fellow countrymen and boom business activity of industrialists in the country, he highlighted.

          Benefited from 3,857 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), 304,000 Point-of-Sale (POS) devices and also 1,785 online payment portals in the country, TEJARAT BANK presents a wide range of e-banking services to dear fellow countrymen, Moqaddam maintained.

          Meanwhile, the number of users of Internet Bank of TEJARAT BANK has exceeded four million, he said, adding: “In addition, the number of users of Mobile Bank and Telephone Bank services at TEJARAT BANK have hit 6,300,000 and 3,800,000 respectively.”

          In line with improving welfare condition of people and for renovating worn-out taxi fleet, a number of 16,249 worn-out taxis have been renovated with the facilities of TEJARAT BANK up to the present time, he said, adding: “Total facilities and loans paid by the bank in this sector exceeds 3,250 billion rials.”

          He put the loans paid by TEJARAT BANK for renovation of worn-out taxis in the country at 3,250 billion rials.

          Elsewhere in his remarks, senior official of the bank elaborated on the activities and performance taken at his bank in the field of international banking and said: “As a leading and forerunner bank in the country, TEJARAT BANK undertakes major part of activities in the field of international banking in banking network. In this regard, the bank has opened 1,510 Letters of Credit (L/Cs), valued at $1,054 million, and also has issued 178 currency warrantees, valued at $187 million, since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year in 1396 up to the present time.”

          With due observance to the said issue, the bank has offered important services to the business owners and industrialists in the country optimally, he maintained.

          The bank has established brokerage relationship with 85 foreign banks after the implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the official title of nuclear deal, he said, adding: “Participation of TEJARAT BANK in financing contracts inked with foreign banks jointly including Austria’s OBERBANK, Exim Bank of South Korea, DANSKE Bank of Denmark provided a more favorable conditions for granting facilities to Iranian companies within the framework of “financing” contract.”

          In the end, Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK Mohammad Ebrahim Moqaddampointed to the serious determination of TEJARAT BANK in fulfilling social responsibilities of protecting environment and said: “In this regard, TEJARAT BANK has financed the plan to replace 16,000 worn-out taxis and purchase 200 new buses in metropolis Tehran. Meanwhile, this bank has also financed Tehran Subway (Metro) Line No.s 1 and 4.

          It should be noted that TEJARAT BANK has thus far constructed 29 schools and five health houses in various provinces of the country. Moreover, the bank intends to launch project in the field of establishing and completing construction operation of new schools and health houses in less developed and disadvantaged provinces of the country with the aim of developing educational opportunities and easy accessibility of dear fellow countrymen to the proper healthcare services, the issue of which has been put atop agenda of the bank.

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