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          TEJARAT BANK, Sponsor of “YAHYA” National Award 4th National and Popular “YAHYA” Award Wraps Up
          The closing ceremony of 4th National and Popular “YAHYA” Award special of rangers across the country was held in the presence of environmentalists, rangers and a number of environment enthusiasts of the country, the Public Relations Dept. of TEJARAT BANK reported.
          As sponsored by TEJARAT BANK, this prestigious ceremony was held at the Amphitheater of the bank on Thursday evening Dec. 14, 2017 in cooperation with Iranian Cheetah Association.
          Kazempour Manager of Public Relations Department of TEJARAT BANK was the first speaker who commemorated the name and memory of all martyred rangers of the country and said: “Safeguarding and protecting environment as well as appreciating unflinching efforts of brave Iranian rangers should be taken into serious consideration as a part of social responsibilities of main organizations of the country.”
          He went on to say that all organizations and institutions should try to protect environment in the best form possible using their capabilities and capacities, he maintained.
          In recent years, TEJARAT BANK has tried, moreover observing and respecting the principles of professional ethics, to act its national and social responsibilitiesin the best form possible as well.
          Apart from granting facilities and loans to non-polluting industrial units, TEJARAT BANK has taken effective steps such as commissioning paperless administrative automation system, supporting culture of not using personal car with the motto of “Tuesdays with No Car”, supporting environmental works of the great artist of our country named “KambizDerambakhsh” and organizing festivals and photo contests with the aim of culturalization of protection of environment among staff, personnel, clients and all walks of life, Kazempour highlighted.
          YAHYA” National Ward is held every year at the initiation of Iranian Cheetah Association and Iran Wildlife Conservationists to commemorate the name and memory of martyred ranger named “Yahya Shah Kouh-Mahalli” who was martyred in July 2016 while confronting with poachers and unauthorized predators.
          Appreciating the unflinching and unsparing efforts of rangers and environmentalists of the country has been cited as the main aim behind organizing YAHYA National Award, he observed.
          All rangers across the country, willing to participate in this festival, may send copy of their documents related to their performance in fulfilling environmental protection affairs to the Secretariat of this Festival.


          After the evaluation of works sent to the Secretariat of the Festival, the Jury Board will award valuable prizes to the top three winners.

          Of the other sponsors of this cultural festival, it should be referred to the Customer’s Club and AHOVAN Company of TEJARAT BANK, Karaj University of Environment, etc. 

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