Tuesday 18 December 2018
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        • Publish date: Monday 05th March 2018|
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          “PAT” Special Service for the Blind
          For the first time in the country, a new version of PAT App.

          (special of the blind) was unveiled by IRAN KISH Credit Card Company which is of subsidiary company to TEJARAT BANK, Public Relations Dept. of the bank reported. From now onward, the blind and visually impaired individuals can use electronic payment (e-payment) services of TEJARAT BANK into Persian audibly using PAT payment application. This service can be provided using “Talk Back” feature (Voice Access) on Android phones and security considerations such as announcement of user’s encryption (password) has been observed in this software strictly. It should be noted that 51 percent (51%) of stocks of Iran Kish Credit Card Company belongs to TEJARAT BANK, the Public Relations Dept. of the bank concluded.

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