Monday 17 January 2022
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              • “Tejarat Card” is a card by which one can receive cash funds or other bank services 24 hours a day (excepting those apparatuses installed in the interior part of branches which are usable only in official working hours) through an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). It should be noted that these apparatuses perform receiving and paying the cash funds up to maximum IRR 2,000,000 per day (5 times a day, each time IRR 400,000). The date of the paying and depositing cash funds after the end of bank’s official working hours is considered as performed on the next day.
              • In direction of promotion of public service culture and electronic banking, aiming more speed and security, less cost of operations, and extension the service hours for clients to approach to the clients’ satisfaction, Bank Tejarat as one of the pioneers in this field has inaugurated 24 hour branches with no personnel call “Saba”. Thus the clients using the cards of Shetab Network can enter into this branch and use its services.
              • Internet Banking Service is another modern Tejarat Bank services which has been initiated in the direction of developing electronic banking in order to render fast, easy, and low cost services. All real persons who have accounts with Tejarat Bank can use the said service through registration in their branches. Internet Banking Service provides the clients with the possibility to save their time and expense and perform some of their banking through this system by entering the bank internet site at
              • This center with a client oriented and service-based structure has been initiated for automation of Bank-Clients communication channel. This is in fact an access point to the data of all available services rendered as requested by clients. When you contact with this center you can easily receive the answers to your questions on bank services and also follow up your bank problems. Clients Contact Center, employing computer technology, telephone and fax, renders round the clock services to the esteemed clients.
              • In 1887 a British bank named The East Modern Bank (Bank Jadid Sharq) established branches in some cities of Iran such as Tehran, Tabriz, Rasht, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Bushehr. In 1888, on the basis of a 60 year concession awarded to “Baron Paul Julius Reuter” the establisher of Reuters News Agency by Naser od-Din Shah (Qajar shah of Iran: 1848-96), the facilities of The East Modern Bank was assigned to Bank Shahanshahi. By virtue of this concession
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