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          Participation of TEJARAT BANK in Austria’s “Oberbank” Financing Contract
          As a leading bank in the country, TEJARAT BANK participated in Austria’s “Oberbank” financing contract.
          Deputy Chief Executive of TEJARAT BANK in International Affairs Ali Hosnani announced the above statement and said: “Signing and sealing contract of financing Iranian banks with Austria’s “Oberbank” can be a turning point in developing and expanding the relationship between the Iranian banking system and European banks. 
          Speaking on the sidelines of signing ceremony of a contract between 14 Iranian banks with Austria’s “Oberbank” in Linz, he said: “Fortunately, suitable ways have been paved for Iranian banks to conclude midterm and long-term financing contracts especially in European countries after lifting of sanctions.”
          After a landmark nuclear deal inked between Iran and world’s six major powers (the five permanent members of UN Security Council plus Germany), Iran’s economic situation experienced a significant boom, so that the country managed to boost its relationship with the outside world considerably, he maintained. 
          Upon signing and sealing the contract with Austria’s “Oberbank”, it is hoped that suitable way will be paved for the country to ink more contracts with other European banks, the deputy chief executive of the bank reiterated.
          The brokerage relations between Austria’s “Oberbank” and Iranian banks dates back to almost eight years ago, he said, adding: “Under the auspices of such contracts, infrastructural projects will be financed in Iran.” 
          Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the significance of contact inked between Iranian banks and Austria’s “Oberbank” and said: “Thiscontract is of paramount importance in terms of financing Iran’s infrastructural projects, because, the country has predefined projects in various fields such as industry, roads, dam and dam construction.” 
          With due observance to the said issue, the country will need foreign financing in order to develop infrastructural projects in various sectors as mentioned in above, he observed. 
          Once this contract is concluded, “We can finance projects in the long term wholeheartedly,” Hosnani reiterated.
          Turning to the establishing brokerage relationship, he said: “European banks are interested in signing and sealing of financing contract or starting brokerage ties with Iranian banking system and can put this issue atop agenda for establishment of banking relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all aspects.”
          Iran inks banking deals worth €1b with Europe
          In the same direction, the first contract to finance banking credit in post-JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the official title of nuclear deal), worth €1billion, was inked in Austria’s Linz city between Austria’s “Oberbank” and 14 Iranian banks on Thursday Sept. 21.
          The first post-sanctions deal was signed in Vienna in the presence of Mohammad KhazaeeDeputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance (MEAF) and Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, Ahmad Araqchi Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) for Currency Affairs, EbadollahMolaeeAmbassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Austria, Oberbank’s CEO and Chairman of the Board Franz Gasselsberger and representatives of 14 Iranian banks including chief executives and members of the Board of Directors of Iranian banks. 
          The contract will provide suitable ground for financing infrastructural and production projects in Iran. 
          It is worth mentioning that the first post-sanctions deal, worth €1 billion, was signed between 14 Iranian banks [including Karafarin Bank, Saman Bank (SB), Bank Pasargad, Refah K. Bank, Bank Mellat, TEJARAT BANK, Bank Melli Iran (BMI), Bank of Industry & Mine (BIM), Eqtesad-e Novin (EN) Bank, Bank Sepah, Export Development Bank of Iran (EDBI), Middle East Bank (MEA), Bank Keshavarzi and Parsian Bank] and Austria’s “Oberbank”. 
          Under the contract, Austrian Bank’s financial resources will be allocated to finance development and production projects of the private and public sectors that have obtained the necessary permits within the legal process inside
          the country, the report ended. 
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